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I’m a developer working on property-related things, plus some side projects:

I have a podcast with @Johnvoorhees about whatever we want, mostly tech, games, and plastic bags

I use the 🤔 and 🧐 emoji and lot and I post stupid jokes that are sometimes funny*

*there was one joke, once (

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💥 Better Mastodon: A collection of layout and design tweaks for the Mastodon web app

I've been making some CSS changes to the Mastodon webapp at the behest of @joesteel and I've collected them all in once place.

Collapsed notifications is the most useful for me:

Latest Overcast beta adds complication support for the series 4 watch faces 🙌

Oh my American Vandal season 2 is out.

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@rmlewisuk I have a hard limit of £69 for something like this 😏

me: that’s a silly price

also me: maybe I should buy it though

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For those you out of the loop:

"Batman’s penis is in a comic book for the first time ever”

This Batman-penis-gate has gotten a bit out of hand. Some of these are going for upwards of ~£75.

Turns out my shoulder problem was from carrying my messenger bag on one shoulder so I switched to a backpack.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror before work and the teenager in me couldn’t help but think “Look at this fucking nerd using both straps on his backpack”.

Maybe it’s just me, but I do not like the feel of the sport loop at all.

So if you’re in the UK and wanna buy it off me hmu

- Holy hell this is really fast compared to my series 0.
- Have y’all been trolling me about the sport loops? It feels cheap and not that nice at all

I ate a lot of garlic bread for lunch because we don’t have any other food and now I’m regretting it.

Not that I have it in hand because I hurt my back/shoulder, had to work from home today and I got it delivered to work 🙄

Guess I’ll go in later to collect it.

Huh. It just turned up.

No text from Argos or Yodel, just arrived.

Pretty sure I’m not getting my Apple Watch today.

Will Argos deliver my Apple Watch today like they said they would? Stay tuned to find out*

* I bet they won't

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Apple Watch Series 4 Making of Fire, Water and Vapor faces - YouTube

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