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I’m a developer working on property-related things, plus some side projects:

I have a podcast with @Johnvoorhees about whatever we want, mostly tech, games, and plastic bags

I use the 🤔 and 🧐 emoji and lot and I post stupid jokes that are sometimes funny*

*there was one joke, once (

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💥 Better Mastodon: A collection of layout and design tweaks for the Mastodon web app

I've been making some CSS changes to the Mastodon webapp at the behest of @joesteel and I've collected them all in once place.

Collapsed notifications is the most useful for me:

Of course I'm very glad he's back but the little shit walked in 10 minutes after we ordered the posters.

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I used to think it was I Want it That Way by Backstreet Boys, but the more I think about it, the more I realise Year 3000 by Busted is the best pop song ever written.

I’m considering removing my GitHub link from my profile purely because I can’t verify it.

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74 - Dongle Pouch

John and Robb played Red Dead Redemption 2, then they spoke about these computer things some fruit company announced.

This line from the budget made me laugh:

"£2m for Belfast to help recover from August's Primark fire”

oh no my primark

Also my beloved horse, Rocket, jumped off a cliff trying to get to me.

RIP Rocket.

Initial Thoughts on Red Dead Redemption 2

I've only played ~5 hours but I'm not entirely sold on it yet.

It seems from the reviews that Red Dead Redemption 2 might be an alright game.

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