💥 Better Mastodon: A collection of layout and design tweaks for the Mastodon web app rmlewisuk.github.io/better-mas

I've been making some CSS changes to the Mastodon webapp at the behest of @joesteel and I've collected them all in once place.

Collapsed notifications is the most useful for me:

@rmlewisuk This is great stuff. Was going to do something like this myself when I had the time, but this saves me the effort.

Also, submitted a pull request to resolve conflicts when using both single-column and desktop styles at the same time! 😄


@VioletPixel Just merged it, thanks for doing that 👍 I'm sure that was working before but I guess I broke it at some point (and I haven't been using the single column stuff so I hadn't checked). Really appreciate the help in fixing it.

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