I went back to Twitter for the last day or so and it still feels exhausting compared to here. I’ve been trying to pinpoint it to exactly what it is and I think it’s a couple of things...


- Politics is a fucking mess right now (US and UK) and everyone is angry. News stories and tweets from journalists all get retweeted into my timeline by everyone - so I can’t unfollow them because I’d be left with no one.

- Lots of other political issues feel exhausting because, aside from voting (which I always do), I can’t really do anything about it*

*and no, signing a petition isn’t going to help anything

I miss seeing tweets from some people who aren’t on here.

I miss some news-type accounts which I’ve tried to replace with RSS but that’s all kinds of meh.

I might just nuke my follow list on there and start again.

@rmlewisuk I feel you, I have muted keywords and accounts there but still... I feel like here the interactions are better.

@rmlewisuk I've had the same thoughts. Reset the bird site account and only follow the ones I actually miss

@rmlewisuk nuke it on Twitter? I don't feel like I've fully swapped Mastodon for Twitter, but I do feel like it's filled in the gaps of browsing time I normally use on Twitter. I'd rather peruse design stuff than scroll far to far through my Twitter feed. Just a shame that the variety of nice people from Twitter aren't on some kind of instance as well

@DavidDarnes Yeah I meant my Twitter follows. Nuke anyone I’m following who I don’t have interactions with basically. Just the people I “know” + some news accounts.

@rmlewisuk I made a list of people I follow because I really want to keep up with them and I'm leaning on that lately. Things here have slowed down a lot. 😢

@aleen It’s even worse for those of us on UK time. Most of the day there’s no toots at all.

@rmlewisuk yeah, I wish Mastodon had made enough of an impact that Twitter would implement things like Content Warnings there.

It would be hard to socially push people to using it, but like everything else, I would naturally tune my feed to people that respect them.

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