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Read the first two of the 2018 "What If?” series.

X-Men ( The plot is messy and I don't think I really understand the conclusion.

Spider-Man ( This was very good. I kinda want more.

The Punisher one coming next week looks interesting:

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Oh my, the presidential alert came in during the after show of Do By Friday.

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I have friends, peers, and readers on bird site who are like β€œplease come back!”

Fine, I check in again. And it’s still nothing but a waking nightmare of people yelling about politics and daily horrors.

I’m not trying to avoid or deny current events or the awful problems and legacy of my country. I’m trying to get active and do my part.

But I also can’t eat, sleep, and breathe this stuff every second of the day. It’s debilitating.

Just want back to Twitter to take a look and noped right back out of the there. Christ.

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Look at all those complications, wowzer.

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@joesteel I'm so glad someone else agrees with me about the black sport loop feeling cheap.

Wolverine Origins has some really sloppy VFX work. Those claws in the bathroom scene.

Pro tip: if Taco Bell are out of sour cream, don't replace it with nacho cheese in your crunchwrap 🀒

"Your iPhone reservation is confirmed" πŸŽ‰

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