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@rmlewisuk if we were using FTP we wouldn't have this problem…

Having a new developer start today with Github being down is very not helpful.

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If a reverse wheelie is called a stoppie shouldn’t s regular wheelie be called a goie

me 3 days ago: I’ll probably get Red Dead 2 in a few months, I don’t need it right now


I miss seeing tweets from some people who aren’t on here.

I miss some news-type accounts which I’ve tried to replace with RSS but that’s all kinds of meh.

I might just nuke my follow list on there and start again.

- Politics is a fucking mess right now (US and UK) and everyone is angry. News stories and tweets from journalists all get retweeted into my timeline by everyone - so I can’t unfollow them because I’d be left with no one.

- Lots of other political issues feel exhausting because, aside from voting (which I always do), I can’t really do anything about it*

*and no, signing a petition isn’t going to help anything

I went back to Twitter for the last day or so and it still feels exhausting compared to here. I’ve been trying to pinpoint it to exactly what it is and I think it’s a couple of things...

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73 - Mad Scientist in the Basement

John went shopping in the future and they both talk about not preordering Red Dead.

Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist Out Next Tuesday, Adds 3 New Suits

Spider-UK is the only suit I'll be wearing for the rest of the game.

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This is smart as heck. What better way to teach folks about the <details> element than using the elements themselves to structure the post?

Hopefully, this neat angle will open up a really handy and more importantly, accessible, native HTML element to those (including me) who would previously use JavaScript.


Matt Fraction's Hawkeye really is as good as everyone says it is. But Kate is clearly the superior Hawkeye.

@ry Our cat is using the tunnel as a bed now. Thought you'd like to know.

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Cancelled my RDR2 preorder last night. I felt kinda weird about all the "preorder the Super Ultimate Xtreme™ edition to get the actual full game" for an extortionate price.

I’ll pick it up eventually but I might get it preowned. I don’t really want to give them my money and support shitty preorder practices like that.

I’m also pretty sure they removed one of the preorder bonuses from the collector’s edition since I preorder a few months ago.

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